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Address Management

Fees and Charges Notification

Please see our fees and charges table for the latest fee(s) appropriate to your application. Upon receipt of your service request a member of the Street Naming & Numbering team will contact you to confirm the cost and take a card payment if you wish to proceed.

Naming and Numbering

The address of a property is a very important issue. Postal and emergency services and the general public need an efficient means of locating and referencing properties. The street naming and numbering team carry out the functions under the provisions of the Public Health Act 1925 sections 17 – 19.

General Information

When any naming or numbering letter is issued it is important that the owner retains this document in a safe place. Should a property, which is subject to these procedures, be sold in the future, this information will need to be available to your solicitor. Production of this letter will speed up the legal process.

Application forms and Guidance