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House Naming

How do I name my house?

Where a property has been allocated a number by the council, any name given to the property can only be used in addition to, and not instead of, the property number. In the case of addresses where there is no property number allocated, the allocated name forms part of the official address. Property owners wishing to change the name of their property need to put their request in writing, stating their name, the present full address of the property and state clearly their new preferred name.

We will contact Royal Mail to see if they have knowledge of a similar named property in the locality. We check our information systems and if the name is satisfactory, then the new address is registered and you will be informed accordingly. If there is an issue with your preferred name, we will request alternatives.

The property name change information is currently sent to Royal Mail, Emergency and essential services and other relevant Council Services via the national hub. It is the responsibility of property owners to inform their own personal contacts etc.

Once Royal Mail has confirmed that the change of name is acceptable, the Council will send an acknowledgement letter to the resident, along with other organisations and notify the various departments within the Council.

This service will incur a fee. Please see our charging schedule.