Site Inspections

Building work must be inspected to check that the Building Regulations have been complied with. A certificate of satisfactory completion can not be issued unless the work is inspected.

The inspections, which Building Control undertake should not be confused with full site supervision. Many architects and surveyors are able to offer site supervision in addition to their design services.

When to notify us

If the building work is being carried out for you, it is your responsibility to notify building control of certain stages of work (see below). If you use a builder it is common practice for them to notify building control on your behalf but you should agree this with them.

Telephone calls requesting inspections for the same day will normally be accepted providing that they are received by 10.00am.

The relevant stages (where applicable) and their statutory period of notice, are as follows:

Period of notice required for site inspections
Site InspectionWorks to be AssessedPeriod of Notice Required
Commencement To enable the proposed works to be discussed 24 hours
Excavation To ensure foundations are excavated to a satisfactory depth 24 hours
Concrete in foundations To ensure that the concrete has been laid correctly 24 hours
Damp-proof course To ensure that the DPC has been laid correctly 24 hours
Concrete oversite To check the preparation for the oversite concrete 24 hours
Drains Drains laid and before covering 24 hours
Drains inspection and test Testing of drains for water tightness after covering 24 hours
Occupation of building Check prior to occupation 5 days prior to occupation
Final completion Final check Within 5 days of completion
Before covering any structural timbers, steelwork or concrete This is not a mandatory inspection but is recommended 24 hours
Before covering electrical installation (only required if electrics are not installed by a Competent Electrician) To check correct installation of cables in walls, floors and ceilings 48 hours