Building Regulations information for Businesses

House of Multiple Occupation - when is a HMO not a HMO

The law on licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) has changed, if a HMO is occupied by 5 or more people who form two or more households, there should be a HMO licence in place.

This includes any HMO which is a building or converted flat, it also applies to purpose built flats where there are up to two flats in the block and one or both are occupied as a HMO.

You can read further information on the Cheshire East Council website.

Want to check if a property has a HMO licence? Visit the HMO register webpage on the Cheshire East Council website.

You can also read more about the specific legislation of the Housing Act 2004.

Creating a business – what building regulations apply

As with any building works project, Building Regulations should be sourced, however with a commercial application such as a shop conversion, business renovation, or a new commercial building, additional requirements often need to be complied with.

It’s essential the workplace is safe for employees and members of the public, we provide advise and guidance on every aspect of that environment.

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Large commercial projects – you’re in safe hands

Over the years we’ve worked with a huge variety of commercial projects, from small shop renovations, right through to new Hospitals and Leisure centres.

Whatever the project, our building control team offers advice and support on building regulations and other crucial services. We can guide and support you through the most technically complex projects and developments, from pre-planning, right through to completion.

Having worked with some of the UK’s major developers, builders and contractors we have unparalleled industry experience, technical expertise and local knowledge on a wide range of projects - large and small.

Here’s some examples of commercial buildings we’ve recently worked on.

crewe lifestyle centre