Submit or pay for an application

Submitting an new Building Regulations application can seem like a daunting task, but it can be completed in as little as ten minutes.

If you require any assistance when completing a Building Regulations application, or advice on which one best suits your project don’t hesitate in contacting us.

How to submit a new application

There are various options available to submit a Building Regulations application. You can submit your application online using two online portals; The Planning Portal or Submit-a-plan.

Downloadable application forms

You can also submit an application by;

Email - email us on with your completed form and we’ll have the application added to the system within 1 working day

Post - post your completed application form to our main Crewe office – Municipal Buildings, Earle St, Crewe, CW1 2BJ

Phone - call our dedicated Customer Coordination Team on 01270 375256 to help you through the process

Choosing the right type of application for your project

There are two different types of of Building Regulations application you can submit, so what is the difference between a Building Notice and Full Plans Building Regulation Applications?

Full Plans Application


This is the most common type of application when undertaking large or more complex building works. It requires detailed drawings to be submitted together with the relevant plan fee for the work being undertaken. The plans are checked and an approval notice is issued before work commences, note that only the plan fee is required up front as apposed to the Building Notice which requires the full fee on submission.

Full plans

The detailed plans and other relevant information are checked by a Building Control Officer to ensure compliance with Building Regulations, if satisfactory an Approval Notice is then issued.

If the proposal is found to be unsatisfactory, a Building Control Officer will contact you so that you can amend the plans. In certain circumstances there may be no alternative but to reject the plans.

Points to know

  • As long as the work is carried out in line with the approved plans, it will meet the regulations
  • You can can present the approval notice to financial institutions, solicitors, and surveyors and so on when you are applying for loans or moving home
  • As long as the work is carried out in line with the approved plans, and all the relevant inspections find the work is of a satisfactory standard, you will receive a completion certificate
  • It can be expensive to prepare detailed plans. You have to programme the work to allow enough time to prepare plans and for us to process them

For more information please visit the LABC website or call us 01270 375256.

Building Notice

This is a simpler procedure generally used for minor works, and cannot be used for commercial developments. A big advantage is that it allows work to start 48 hours after submission of the application as there is no plan checking involved before work begins.

A Building Notice allows for building work to be executed without the submission of detailed plans as an alternative to the Full Plans procedure. It is generally used when the type of building work is straight forward, and the persons responsible for the execution are comfortable with the requirements of the regulations. The work will be inspected as it proceeds, but you will not receive any official decision notice confirming that the proposals have been passed. As part of the procedure, a Building Control Officer may request further information to assist with the on-site assessment. This may include items such as structural design calculations, construction details and specification of materials etc.

You will receive a Completion Certificate, the same as with a Full Plans application when the work is satisfactorily completed.

Points to know

  • You save the expense and time of having drawings prepared
  • Upon receipt of a valid Building Notice, the work can start almost immediately
  • It is mostly suitable for small works
  • There is less paperwork than a Full Plans submission
  • There will be no approved drawings. Lending Agencies often require these as a condition of a loan. Check with the lender as you may need to submit a full plans application
  • The builder has no approved plans to work with
  • Any work that is found not to comply must be removed or made good – this may counter any savings made by not having full plans prepared
  • It will be difficult to compare prices from different builders without approved drawings

What can you submit a Building Notice for?

  • the erection of houses, flats and maisonettes
  • the extension or structural alteration of the above
  • the provision of services or the installation of fittings in connection with the above
  • the material change of use of a building to the above

Demolition Notice


You must give 6 weeks notice to the Council via Civicance if you intend to demolish a building or part of a building over 50 cubic metres.

or by contacting Civicance on 01270 375278 or 375256.

Civicance officers will reply with a number of conditions which the person concerned must comply with. These may include such items as weatherproofing adjoining buildings; disconnecting all services (i.e. gas, water, electricity), sealing or removing sewers and drains etc. Any person disputing the conditions may appeal to the Magistrates Court to have any or all removed.

Approval under Town and Country Planning Acts may also be required. View the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

If necessary you can post your notice and fee to our offices at Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe, CW1 2BJ, with cheques made payable to 'Cheshire East Council'.

The cost of a Building Regulations application

The fees you pay for a Building Regulations application cover all site inspections for your project from start to finish, it also covers support and advice throughout the build to you and your builder.

For information regarding fees please give us a call or email for a cost breakdown. If you are working on a larger project please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

You can contact us by phone on 01270 375256 or email at

Pay for a Building Regulations application

With any Building Regulations application, its important to make payment on submission as the application does not become valid until a payment is received. You can make payment via a number of options, via phone, online, or send us a cheque.

Online payment - once you have received your reference number for the application via email, you can now pay your Building Regulations fee online. To do this go to our online payment form and we’ll take care of the rest

Phone payment - you can make a card payment by calling 01270 375256 to speak to our dedicated coordination team, we accept both debit and credit cards (with the only exception being American express).

Postal payment - you can send us a cheque made out to Cheshire East Council to the Municipal Buildings, Earle St, Crewe, CW1 2BJ, please reference the property address and your reference number if you have it.

If you have submitted a Full Plans application, the plan checking fee is due on submission, with the remaining inspection fee due following the first site inspection.

If you have submitted a Building Notice, the full fee amount is due when submitting the application and will remain invalid until payment received.