Conveyancing searches

The following are our range of searches, essential for the conveyancing process to complement our existing official Local Search service.

Environmental Reports from Future Climate information

FCI is regulated by RICS and the reports comply with Law Society Guidance and Practice Notes.

The clear and concise reports provide accurate results relating to Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground stability and Energy & Infrastructure.

A three tiered approach

  • Essential - Environmental and Flood
  • Standard - Environmental and Flood and Ground Stability
  • Premium - Environmental and Flood and Ground Stability and Energy

For more information visit the Future Climate information website or view our samples

Coal Authority Reports

Reports offer expert advice based on a unique wealth of information and give clear information about risks.

Do you need a Coal Authority Mining report

Check the coal authority online mapping facility to see if you need to order a coal report.

Con29M Coal Mining – on the coalfield

Shows opencast coal mining, mine entries, coal mining geology, coal mining subsidence, mine gas, hazards related to coal mining and historical rights to coal.

The report delivers the due diligence requirements, set by the Law Society, for conveyancing on the coalfield.

Ground Stability - both on and off the coalfield

Provides all the essential, due diligence information included in the CON29M report as well as property specific information on potential hazards from natural subsidence.

Through the Coal Authority’s partnership with the British Geological Survey (BGS) they are also able to offer information on shrinkable clay, running sand, compressible and collapsible deposits, potential landslide activity and soluble rocks within the enquiry boundary.

Enviro All-in-One – both on and off the coalfield

Provides intricate and precise information using advanced mining and environmental datasets.

The report provides high value, property specific opinions and analysis of land use based on Groundsure's Historical Land Use Database of over 7,000 land use classifications.

This report covers the Law Society’s due diligence requirements for both mining and contaminated land.

Consultants – on the coalfield

Provides expanded details of the information identified within the core reports.

It includes accurate and precise data on the individual coal seams and roadways associated with workings and additional details on any mine entries identified.

An essential report for consultants offering geotechnical and mining services in coal mining areas.

No Search Certificate – off the coalfield

Provides peace of mind and confirms that there are no past, present or proposed coal workings to affect the property.

Added Value Reports

Includes an array of individual and specialised reports including:- Mine Entry Interpretative reports, subsidence claim history , Insurance and Mortgage letters etc.

For more information visit the Ground Stability website.

Land Registry Searches

Obtain official copies of:

  • The Title Register which shows the title number, who owns it, what they paid for it, any rights of way, whether a mortgage on it has been ‘discharged’
  • The Title Plan which shows the property’s location and general boundaries

For more information visit GOV.UK.

Chancel Reports

ChancelCheck® is a unique, instant, low cost screening report designed to identify parishes where there is a continuing potential to charge for repairs to the parish church chancel.

ChancelCheck® Premium is a unique, online, low cost screening report designed to analyse a large area of land to identify where there is a potential to charge for repairs to the parish church chancel.

For more information visit the Chancel website.

Cheshire Salt Search

The Cheshire Salt Search is a standalone report provided by Groundsure. Previously the data was part of the Coal Authority’s Con29M report. It is a Law Society requirement to investigate subsidence risk due to brine extraction in Cheshire and the report provides valuable information for consideration prior to purchasing property in Cheshire. The report also identifies whether a property would be eligible for compensation under the 1952 and 1964 Acts.

Customers rarely need to order a Coal Authority Con29M report in addition to a Cheshire Salt Search report, as the Cheshire Brine Compensation District and coal field are separate and distinct areas, with the exception of a small overlap area on the Cheshire /Staffordshire border. Details of the overlap can be seen on the Groundsure website. A list of post codes in the overlap area can also be consulted on the Coal Authority’s website.

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