Land charges information for homeowners

Our Conveyancing and Local Land Charges team provides a timely and professional service and on average in 2017 returned search reports to customers in 3 working days.

Where’s my Local Search?


If your search is not listed there may be a few reasons for this:

  • Your solicitor may not have submitted the search yet? Call our team and we can check if it has just arrived and hasn’t been booked on yet
  • Your solicitor may have used a personal search company to process your search rather than requesting Civicance to complete your search

If you were not asked to make a choice as to who should carry out your search, ask your solicitor why.

What can be found in a Local Land Charge Search

A basic official Local Land Charges search is made up of two parts.

The first part is the certificate which sets out all of the entries listed in the Local Land Charges Register for that site. For example details of conditional planning approvals, Tree Preservation orders etc.

The second part responds to the Con 29 Enquiry Form which consists of a series of standard questions. For example building regulations approvals, public rights of way, outstanding notices, contaminated land etc.  

There is also a Con 29O Enquiry Form which contains 19 optional enquiries that can be requested relating to various topics. For example hedgerow notices, food safety notices and registered common land and town or village green for which an additional fee is payable.

Both the Con 29 Enquiry Form and the Con 29O Enquiry Form are set out by the Law Society.

Why do I need a search?

When buying your new home your solicitor or conveyancer would normally request a number of searches to let you know if there are any potential issues you need to be aware of.

A number of property searches are often requested depending on the site, and can include the following:-  Drainage and Water Searches; Coal Searches, Brine Searches, Land Registry Search for ownership, Environmental Searches including Flood risk, Chancel Searches and Official Local Land Charges Searches.   All of these can be obtained for you by Civicance.   

A Local Land Charges search will reveal among other items:

  • Some Legal Agreements
  • Tree preservation orders
  • Planning applications
  • Conservation areas
  • Listed buildings notices
  • Building regulations approvals
  • Some Environmental, Housing notices

Where do we cover

Civicance is responsible for producing local searches within the Cheshire East area; this includes the boroughs formerly known as Congleton, Crewe & Nantwich and Macclesfield Borough Councils. However, you can also submit requests to us for search sites which are outside of this area. We can then make the requests to the relevant authorities on your behalf and obtain reports for you.

How to submit your searches

We can help you to order your searches.

Please contact us on 01270 686787 and we will help you with the correct forms, fee information and provide advice on obtaining plans for the Local Search. 

To obtain a quote on an official local search, water, coal, land registry ownership, environmental or chancel searches complete our conveyancing service quote form.

Award Winning Customer Service


Our Land Charges team were awarded the nationally recognised award of Best Customer Experience in 2017. This award celebrates and promotes excellence in customer experience, rewarding local authorities whose efforts, alongside those of the NLIS Channels help to deliver an exceptional customer experience and deliver industry leading levels of service.