What could a thermal survey reveal

Heat loss

Would you like to see exactly where you are loosing heat from? A house survey would be ideal it provides photographs of the front and back elevation of your home.

Our survey will check for heat loss around the following areas;

  • Windows
  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Patio windows

An example of a front elevation of the house depicts from the red colouring the heat loss incurred through particular windows.


Cold spots

Have you got a very cold room but never been able to pin point the exact points of entry of the cold?

A room survey would be the right option to photographically identify the specific areas which you need to take remedial action.

The thermal imaging camera detected that no insulation was in this particular part of the wall (purple shading). This allowed the customer to take remedial action with far more confidence having pin pointed the exact area that was an issue.


Damp issues

Would you like to identify areas of damp on your flat roof? Our heat loss and damp issues survey would be ideal.

It provides thermal photographic images of the flat roof area to identify the areas of damp.

The photo below provides an example of a flat room where a customer needed to identify the specific location of damp. This can be seen in the thermal images coloured red.